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Опытно-экспериментальная работа по обучению самостоятельному чтению иноязычных художественных текстов учащихся старших классов

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It was to be their first holiday abroad.

Things began badly when the plane was delayed at Heathrow because of technical problems. The Robinsons finally fell into their hotel bed exhausted at about two o'clock in the morning.

Next day they drew back the curtains and found that their room had a depressing view of a warehouse full of huge crates. "It isn't what we were promised", said Mrs. Robinson. "In the brochure it says all rooms overlook the sea".

Mr. Robinson went at once to make a complaint, but the manager pointed out that by standing in a corner of the balcony and craning your neck to the left, you could in fact see a little bit of the sea. The Robinsons had to admit that it was just visible, although they couldn't help feeling rather cheated.

After breakfast they set out for a closer look at the sea. The "five minutes", from the hotel to the beach turned out to be over half an hour. Mr. Robinson was by now losing his temper. He hurried back to the hotel and demanded to see the manager again.

"The beach isn't five minutes walk away", he shouted. "We walked for at least half an hour". "Ah", said the manager, "but it's only five minutes by car". This reply left Mr. Robinson speechless.

Things went on like this for several days The Robinsons couldn't stand the food; the disco kept them awake at night; the walk to the beach seemed to get longer and longer. After four sleepless nights-they flew back to England, and they spent the second week of their holiday sitting out in the garden. It wasn't as hot as the Costa del Sol. but they found it a lot more relaxing.

П. Текстовой этап. — Knowledge Chart

Exercises and test

6. Read the text and say if the statements are true or false. Correct the false ones:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson's friends spent terrible holidays in Spain.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson decided to spend their holidays in Spain.

3. They didn't collect any information about Spain.

4. The plane was delayed at Heathrow because of bad weather.

5. The Robinsons reached the hotel at 2 o'clock in the morning.

6. There was a terrifically beautiful view out of their window.

7. The manager always tried to help them.

8. It took them a half an hour to reach the beach.

9. They spend lovely holidays in Spain.

10.They were glad to come back in England.

7. Read the text again and choose the right variant:

l. The Robinsons lived in .

a) America;

b) England;

c) Canada

2. Their friends often told them about their wonderful holidays in .

a) France;

b) Russia;

c) Spain.

3. It was to be their first holidays .

a) abroad;

b) in Spain;

c) at home.

4. The plane was delayed because of .

a) technical problems;

b) bad weather;

с) pilot's illness. 5.They fell into their hotel beds at . o'clock in the morning,

a) 2;


c)6. 6.Mr. Robinson felt rather .

a) cheated;

b) betrayed;

c) tired.

7. After breakfast they set out for a closer look at the .

a) mountains;

b) river;

c) sea.

8. The five minutes turned out to be .

a) about an hour;

b) about 30 minutes;

c) about a quarter of on hour.

9. They spent . sleepless nights in the hotel

a) five;

b) four;

c) seven

10. The rest of the holiday they spent in .

a) England;

b) America;

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